Generate: Using Advanced Custom Fields


If your Page, Post or Custom Post Type, that you want to generate content for, has one or more custom fields defined by the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin, it’s possible to generate content for those fields through Page Generator Pro’s Content Groups.

Extend Advanced Custom Fields to Content Groups

To define the content to generate for your Advanced Custom Fields, first you must update your ACF Field Groups to display within Page Generator Pro’s Generate Content screens.

To do this:

  1. Click on Custom Fields in the WordPress Administration Menu
    Page Generator Pro: Generate: ACF: Menu
    Don’t see a Custom Fields option in WordPress’ Administration Menu?  Your Theme or Plugin may be programamtically defining your ACF Field Groups and Fields.  Please reach out to your Theme or Plugin developer to have them include the XYZ Post Type when outputting Field Groups.  You will then see the applicable Fields in the Generate: Content screen.
  2. Edit the Field Group
  3. In the Location box, ensure that the field group is set to display on the Post Type you want to generate (e.g. Pages) and the Content Group Post Type:
    Page Generator Pro: Generate: ACF: Field Group Settings
  4. Click Update

Define Advanced Custom Fields Values

When creating or editing a Content Group, you will now see your ACF Field Groups:
Page Generator Pro: Generate: ACF: Content Group

Any data entered into these fields, including keywords and spintax, will be included in the generated Page, Post or Custom Post Type:
Page Generator Pro: Generate: ACF: Content Group Result

Keywords are supported in ACF registered Fields.  Refer to the Using Keywords documentation.