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Allow site visitors to leave star ratings on Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types when posting comments.

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Unlimited Rating Fields

Comment Rating Field Pro allows any number of rating groups to be used on the WordPress comment form. Each group can have an unlimited number of rating fields.

Using the Post Type and Post Type Taxonomy Term filters, each group can be targeted to display on specific areas of the web site.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Unlimited Rating Fields

Google Rich Snippet Support

Each rating field group can have a schema type defined. Visitors can see ratings on your Google search results, which helps drive more traffic to your web site.

Schema types tell search engines what the reviews are about to further help with rankings – Comment Rating Field Pro supports Creative Work, Offer, Organization, Place and Product.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Google Rich Snippet Support

Retina Ready, Any Color and Size

Editable styling options include star/bar color for the foreground, background and highlighted star states.

SVG icons are used to ensure ratings render pixel perfect on and device or computer, and the star size can be specified.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Retina Ready

Rating Fields Placement and Options

Rating fields can be set to displayed before all fields, before the comment field or after the comment field.

Ratings can be disabled when a comment is being made in reply to another WordPress comment.

Ratings can also be limited to one per person, ensuring that nobody spams your WordPress comment form with lots of false ratings.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Rating Fields Placement

Half Ratings

Comment Rating Field Pro supports star ratings between 1 and 10, with the option to choose the maximum rating a user can make.

For site owners wanting more accurate ratings, half ratings can be enabled. This allows reviewers to leave ratings steps of 0.5.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Half Ratings

Display Average Ratings

Average ratings can be displayed on the Post content and/or excerpt that the ratings were made for.

Other options include:

  • Displaying average ratings above/below content,
  • Styling,
  • Show/hide total average ratings,
  • Show/hide total number of ratings
  • Show/hide rating breakdowns,
  • Link the average ratings to the Comments section.
Comment Rating Field Pro: Display Average Ratings

"Amazon Style" Bars Breakdown

New to 3.0, Comment Rating Field Pro allows you to output the average rating for a Post, Page or Custom Post Type in a 1 – 5 rating bar chart breakdown.

This is ideal if you want to offer greater transparency in your reviews and show visitors exactly how many reviewers gave a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star rating.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Amazon Bar Style

Filter Comments / Reviews by Rating

When using the “Amazon Style” Bars Breakdown, you can allow visitors to click on a rating to then see all comments with that rating.  This is useful if your product or service has a lot of reviews, and users want to quickly see positive or negative reviews.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Filter Comments

Display Comment Ratings

Comment Rating Field Pro also provides options to choose how individual ratings are displayed on comments:

  • Display ratings above/below content,
  • Styling,
  • Show/hide total average ratings,
  • Show/hide rating breakdowns
Comment Rating Field Pro: Filter Comments


For more control, there’s a shortcode which can be inserted into any Page, Post or Custom Post Type to display the average rating.  Settings include the above global settings, as well as which Post to display average ratings for.

This ensures you can display the rating for any Post, Page or Custom Post Type anywhere on your WordPress web site.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Shortcodes

Developer Friendly

For developers, we provide extensive documentation on custom functions, which can be used in your Theme or Plugin to:

  • Display the average rating,
  • Enable rating support on bespoke comment systems
  • Output comment ratings on bespoke comment systems.

This avoids using shortcodes, enhancing the display control and site performance.

We also provide a number of documented actions and filters on all output, allowing you to customise markup to suit your specific needs.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Developer Friendly

Manage Reviews

Ever had a spam or fake review? No problem – Comment Rating Field Pro provides functionality to view ratings when moderating Comments in the WordPress Administration.

You can edit ratings, approve the comment or reject the comment.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Manage Reviews

Jetpack Comments Compatible

Comment Rating Field Pro is compatible with Jetpack Comments, meaning you can still allow visitors to leave ratings whilst writing a comment on your Post.

Jetpack Logo

WooCommerce Compatible

Comment Rating Field Pro can replace your WooCommerce Product’s star ratings functionality.  We’ve revised our integration to ensure this is fully compatible with version 2.2.10 and higher.

Comment Rating Field Pro: WooCommerce

Simple Comment Editing Compatible

Comment Rating Field Pro integrates with the Simple Comment Editing Plugin, allowing your users to edit their ratings when editing their comments.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Simple Comment Editing Compatible
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Display Average Rating on Content 1 1 1
Ratings on Custom Post Types 1 1 1
Multiple Rating Fields 1 1 1
Half Star Ratings 1 1 1
Position Rating Fields 1 1 1
Display Average Rating on Excerpts 1 1 1
Display Rating Breakdown 1 1 1
Multiple Star Styles 1 1 1
Limit Ratings 1 1 1
Custom Star/Bar Colors 1 1 1
Amazon Style Bar Chart 1 1 1
Jetpack Comment Support 1 1 1
WooCommerce Support 1 1 1
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You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like your purchase over the next 14 days, then we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hosting requirements?

You must have a self-hosted WordPress site (not, running at least version 4.5 and PHP 5.3.

Do I have to pay every year?

To receive ongoing support and updates, you must renew your license every year (unless purchasing a Lifetime license). This is optional, and if you choose not to renew, you can still use the Plugin.

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes. You can upgrade your license at any time, and you'll only pay the difference between the upgraded license and your current license.

Do you offer a free trial?

You're welcome to purchase a license, and if within 14 days it is not suitable, simply request a refund - no questions asked.

Can I use this Plugin on client sites?

Either purchase a Lifetime license, or have your clients purchase their own license. If purchasing a Lifetime license, support requests must come from the license holder - not your clients.


hey, your upgrade link on the plugin doesn’t work. I ended up purchasing a wrong plugin from a different site with a similar name. I’m still purchasing this plugin because it’s great.

Average Rating: 5
Product Rating 5
Another Rating Field 0

Two questions:

1. Is it possible to place rating capability outside of the comment form as well? If it’s not standard, would that be a hard thing to make custom as a developer?
2. Is there any way of monitoring ratings in the back-end?

Thank you 🙂

Average Rating: 5
Product Rating 5
Another Rating Field 5

How can I show in registered users BuddyPress profiles how they rated each post?

Average Rating: 5
Product Rating 5
Another Rating Field 5

Excellent, plugin worked as i wanted it to work…with a little help from Tim (Email Support) i was able to customize the plugin to make some more changes for it to work how i wanted it to..

Really Appreciate the hard work!!

Average Rating: 5
Product Rating 5
Another Rating Field 5

Thanks for the fast reply. We use Pods on our site for a really custom development. I don’t think my developer will have issues implementing into that. Do you have plans on building social integration with this any time soon? Logging in via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc to post comments?

Average Rating: 5
Product Rating 0
Another Rating Field 5

A number of filters have been added to version 2.4 onwards.

Please refer to the Documentation for the available filters.

Average Rating: 5
Product Rating 5
Another Rating Field 5

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