Settings: OpenWeatherMap

Don’t see the OpenWeatherMap Settings? It’s new to Page Generator Pro 2.4.9 and higher.  Ensure that your license is valid, not expired and that you’ve updated to the latest version of the Plugin.


Sometimes, you might reach an API limit when using the following functionality:

  • OpenWeatherMap Shortcode

To resolve this, you’ll need to define some one-time OpenWeatherMap settings.

Enable the OpenWeatherMap API

Add API Key to Plugin Settings

Finally, we need to enter your OpenWeatherMap API Key into Page Generator Pro:

  • In your WordPress Administration interface, navigate to Page Generator Pro > Settings
    Page Generator Pro: Settings Menu
  • Click the OpenWeatherMap tab, and enter the API Key into the API Key field:
    Page Generator Pro: Settings: Open Weather Map: API Key
  • Click Save