WordPress to Buffer Pro

Automatically send content to your Buffer account for scheduled publishing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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WordPress to Buffer Pro

Automatically Share Content on Social Media

WordPress to Buffer Pro automatically publishes new and existing WordPress Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest*.

Just connect WordPress to Buffer Pro to your Buffer account (we show you how), choose how and when you want to publish content to your social media profiles, and that’s it.

* Pinterest requires that you’re on the Buffer Awesome Plan or higher; Instagram works by sending a notification to your iOS or Android device with the image and text ready to post to Instagram.

Separate Options per Post Type and Social Media Account

For each Post Type and Social Media account, choose to enable or disable automatic content sharing when publishing or updating your WordPress web site’s content.

One or more status updates can be added for each Post Type and Social Media account – for example, you can choose to share your Post’s content on Facebook, but just share the excerpt on Twitter.

Multiple, Customisable Status Messages

For each Post Type and Social Media account combination, you can specify any number of unique statuses – each with their own text and options.

Status updates are dynamically built using template tags.  These include the Post’s title, excerpt, content, date, URL, any custom field data, any Post taxonomy terms and the Post’s author.

For example, you can share your content three times to Facebook, once to Twitter and twice to Google+ over the period of two days – each with their own, unique status messages.

Powerful Scheduling

Each social media status update can independently be set to:

  • Publish immediately,
  • Add to the start of the social media profile’s Buffer queue,
  • Add to the end of the social media profile’s Buffer queue,
  • Publish at a defined time period after the Post’s publish date.
WordPress to Buffer Pro: Conditions

Conditional Publishing

For each status update, you can conditionally choose to send the status to Buffer based on whether a Post has (or does not have) specific Taxonomy Terms (categories, tags etc).

This is useful when:

  • You want to send different status updates for a Post depending on the Post Category,
  • You do not want to send status updates for a Post belonging to a specific Category,
  • You want to send different status updates to different Pinterest boards depending on the Post Category


Automatically Publish Old Posts

Publish evergreen WordPress content and revive old posts with the Bulk Publish option.

The simple bulk publishing interface allows you to query for Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types published in a specified time period, before choosing which Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types to schedule for sharing on your chosen social media accounts.

  • Individual Post Settings

    For more control, Buffer integration can be enabled or disabled on individual Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types. If enabled, the same, powerful settings above are available for each individual Post.

  • Detailed Logging

    Logging can be enabled to help troubleshoot any occasional issues. Logs display the statuses sent to Buffer, along with the response received.

  • WordPress to Buffer Pro

    WP-Cron Compatible

    When publishing or updating a Post, WP-Cron can be enabled, allowing WordPress to send status updates through its Cron system a few minutes later. This helps improve performance.

Hi! So far I am loving WordPress to Buffer Pro. I love the per-social media account settings, so I can customise my status updates for Facebook and Twitter exactly as I want.

Anna Hettick, Green Eyed Country Girl

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