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Automatically send content to your Buffer account for scheduled publishing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon, Google Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

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Automatically Share Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types to Social Media

WordPress to Buffer Pro can be configured to schedule status messages for Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types to:

  • Facebook (Pages and Groups)
  • Twitter (yes, this still works thanks to Buffer!)
  • LinkedIn (Pages and Profiles)
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram (Business Profiles, supporting Posts and Stories)*
  • Google Business
  • Mastodon

* It’s free to convert Instagram Personal Profiles to an Instagram Business Profiles for Direct Scheduling. Read more.

Post Direct to Instagram

If you have an Instagram Business Profile, WordPress to Buffer Pro can schedule posts to be published straight to your Instagram.  There’s no need to act on a posting ‘reminder’, and you don’t need a paid Buffer plan.

Don’t have an Instagram Business Profile? It’s free to switch your personal profile.

WordPress to Buffer Pro supports posting Instagram Posts and Stories.

WordPress to SocialPilot Pro: Instagram

Full Support for Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types

As well as Posts and Pages, WordPress to Buffer Pro works with all public Custom Post Types, including WooCommerce Products or any Theme / Plugin defined Custom Post Types.

For each Page, Post, Custom Post Type and Social Media account combination, separate options are available to enable or disable content sharing when:

  • Publishing a new Post (Publish)
  • Updating an existing published Post (Update)
  • Automatically reposting an existing Post (Repost)
  • Manually reposting an existing Post (Bulk Publish)
WordPress to Buffer Pro: Settings

Multiple, Customisable Status Messages per Post

For each Post Type and Social Media account combination, you can specify any number of unique statuses – each with their own text and options.

Status updates are dynamically built using template tags.  These include the Post’s title, excerpt, content, date, URL, any custom field data (including Advanced Custom Fields, Events Manager, The Events Calendar, Yoast SEO and more), any Post taxonomy terms and the Post’s author.

Shortcodes are also supported in the status text.

For example, you can share your content three times to Facebook, once to Twitter and twice to Instagram over the period of two days – each with their own, unique status messages.

WordPress to Buffer Pro: Multiple Customisable Status Messages

Separate Options per Social Network

Unique status messages can be defined on a per-Post and social media account basis, allowing for any possible configuration to meet your social media publishing needs.

For example, you could define three short status updates for your Twitter profile, to be posted every week after a Post is published, alongside two Facebook status updates which contain more content.

WordPress to Buffer Pro: Separate Options per Social Network

Powerful Scheduling

Each social media status update can independently be set to:

  • Add to End of Buffer Queue
  • Add to Start of Buffer Queue
  • Publish immediately,
  • Publish at a defined time period after the Post’s publish date.
  • Publish at a defined time period after a Post’s custom field / meta value (such as an ACF date field).
  • The Events Calendar Plugin and Events Manager: schedule social media status updates based on your Event’s Start or End date, as well as display Event-specific details in your status updates.
WordPress to Buffer Pro: Powerful Scheduling

Conditional Publishing

Status updates can be set to conditionally be sent to Buffer based on a Post’s:

  • Author(s),
  • Published Date Range,
  • Taxonomy Terms (Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies),
  • Custom Field Values.

For Custom Field values, comparison operators include Equals, Does not Equal, Great Than or Equal to, Less Than, Less Than or Equal to, Like (partial match) and Not Like (partial match).

This is useful when you want to conditionally send updates (or send different updates) for a Post:

  • To specific social media profiles belonging to a specific WordPress Author (User),
  • Depending on the Post’s Categories,
  • If the Post’s published date falls between a given day and month range (useful for seasonal posts),
  • To different Pinterest boards depending on the Post Category,
  • Depending on whether a Custom Field Key’s value matches a given value
  • Depending on whether a Custom Field’s Key contains a given value
WordPress to Buffer Pro: Conditional Publishing

Automatically Repost Old Posts

WordPress to Buffer Pro is the ideal solution if you want to revive old Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types that you’re unlikely to manually edit or update, which perhaps contain evergreen and always relevant content that would be useful to your social media followers.

For each Post Type, you can choose the maximum number of Posts per day to re-share, how often to re-share the same Post and how old the Post should be for it to be reposted to Buffer.  For example, you can set Posts to be re-shared to social media every 5 days, 3 weeks, annually etc, relative to the Post’s published date.

Just like the settings available when publishing and updating Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types, one or more status updates can be added for each Post Type and Social Media account, as well as powerful scheduling and conditional publishing.

WordPress to SocialPilot Pro: Automatically Send Statuses on Repost

Manually Bulk Publish Old Posts

If you prefer more control over reviving old Posts that you’re unlikely to manually edit or update, the Bulk Publish functionality is perfect for evergreen WordPress content that you want to send occasionally or one time to your social media profiles.

The simple bulk publishing interface allows you to query for Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types published in a specified time period, before choosing which Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types to schedule for sharing on your chosen social media accounts.

You can also choose Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types using the Bulk Actions in WordPress, and send them straight to your Buffer queue.

WordPress to Buffer Pro: Bulk Publish

Per-Post Settings

Per-Post Settings offer greater control for the times where you need to define specific social media status updates for an individual Post, Page or Custom Post Type.

The same settings interface and options above are available in the WordPress Editor, allowing you to define one or more status updates – specific to a Post – for the publish, update and repost actions, for each social media account connected to Buffer.

WordPress to Buffer Pro: Per Post Settings

Full Image Control

For each Post Type and Social Media account combination, you can choose to either have your SEO or Open Graph Plugin define the image to include with your social media updates, or let WordPress to Buffer Pro use your Post’s Featured Image (either linked, or not linked, to your Post).

WordPress to Buffer Pro also provides its own Featured Image option, should your Custom Post Type not have Featured Image support, and/or you need to use a different image for your social network posts vs. your Post’s Featured Image.

Alternatively, there’s an option on each status message to automatically generate an image from some text, with global configuration options including font type, size, foreground and background colors and per-profile background images.

WordPress to Buffer Pro: Full Image Control

Multiple Images per Status

For Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon and Instagram*, up to 4 images can be specified to be included in a status update.

Users can then click on the individual images within the status to see the full size versions.

* For Instagram, using multiple images for a single status will send a reminder to the Buffer mobile app, as required by Buffer.

WordPress to SocialPilot Pro: Multiple Images

Generate Images from Text

No Featured Image, but want to post to a network that requires an image (such as Instagram or Pinterest)?  No problem.

For each status message, optionally choose to generate an image from text.  Text can be separate to the status’ text.

Global configuration options include font type, size, foreground and background colors and per-profile background images.

WordPress to Buffer Pro: Text to Image

Compatible with Frontend Posting and Auto Blogging Plugins

WordPress to Buffer Pro is compatible with most front end posting and auto blogging Plugins, including:

  • User Submitted Posts
  • WP Property Feed Plugin
  • WPeMatico
  • WP Job Manager Broadbean Addon
Ditch the Social Media Spreadsheet

WP-Cron and WP-CLI Compatible

When publishing or updating a Post, WP-Cron can be enabled, allowing WordPress to send status updates through its Cron system a few minutes later. This helps improve performance.

For developers and advanced users with WP-CLI enabled on their WordPress installations, WordPress to Buffer Pro provides WP-CLI commands to:

  • Repost, instead of using WP-Cron,
  • Bulk Publish, instead of using the WordPress Admin UI
WordPress to Buffer Pro: Cron

Jetpack Social Alternative for Twitter

If you’re a Jetpack Social, Blog2Social or NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster user looking for a replacement to auto post to Twitter, WordPress to Buffer is one of the best auto post to Twitter solutions that still works in 2023, as Buffer still works with Twitter.

With automatic reposting of old Posts, conditional publishing and powerful scheduling, we think WordPress to Buffer Pro is a great Jetpack Social alternative.

Jetpack Logo

Revive Old Posts Alternative

Looking for a reliable alternative to Revive Old Posts? WordPress to Buffer Pro provides automatic reposting of old content to social media.

Simply register for an account with Buffer, connect your social media profiles and start sending your old Posts to your social media profiles.

There's no need to register applications, wait for approvals or be frustrated with Posts not publishing to your social network.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster Alternative

Looking for a reliable alternative to NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster? WordPress to Buffer Pro provides simple yet powerful configuration.

Simply register for an account with Buffer, connect your social media profiles and define the status messages you want to schedule on social media when creating or updating your Posts. That's it.

Anna Hettick

"I am loving WordPress to Buffer Pro. I love the per-social media account settings, so I can customise my status updates for Facebook and Twitter exactly as I want."

— Anna Hettick, Green Eyed Country Girl
Kim Wingerei

"I tried a few different options to auto-post, very few worked well, some worked well with Twitter, hardly any works with Facebook these days, which is why the combination of Buffer and this Plugin is the best of all worlds. Love it."

— Kim Wingerei
Ainsworth Dickenson

"Using Buffer is a real pleasure, it makes my work load a lot more easier than ever. Buffer helps me to post to all my Facebook pages, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the same time, whereas if I have to post to individual platforms it will tired me out."

— Ainsworth Dickenson
Stan Stewart, Muz4Now

"After fighting buggy (but incredibly popular competition) for years, I made the switch. All I can say is: why did I wait so long?!? So far, my experience with this plugin is smooth and rewarding. No pitfalls, no broken PHP, no excuses."

— Stan Stewart, Muz4Now
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Multiple, Customisable Status Messages ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Separate Options per Social Network ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Powerful Scheduling ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Conditional Publishing ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatically Repost Old Posts ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bulk Publish Old Posts ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Per-Post Settings ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Image Control ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Images per Status for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Generate Images from Text ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
WP-Cron and WP-CLI Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
WordPress Multisite Yes Yes Yes No
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I publish Posts automatically and directly to Instagram?

Yes! If you're using an Instagram personal profile, you'll need to change it to a business profile. It's free to do, and you can then publish Instagram Posts or Stories.

Can I still publish to Twitter in 2023?

Yes! Buffer still works with Twitter, and so does the WordPress to Buffer Pro Plugin!

Can I publish Posts automatically to my personal Facebook Profile?

Starting July 26th 2018, Facebook have disabled all third party apps (including Buffer and Hootsuite) from publishing to your personal Facebook Profile.

What are the hosting requirements?

You must have either a self-hosted WordPress site, or a WordPress.com site with the Business Plan or higher, running at least version WordPress 5.0 and PHP 7.2.

Is WordPress to Buffer Pro kept up to date?

Yes. The latest update is 5.1.4, released 12th July 2024, tested up to WordPress 6.5.5. View the Changelog to see a full list of updates

Do I have to pay every year?

You must renew your license every year for continued functionality, support and updates (unless purchasing a Lifetime or Agency license).

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes. You can upgrade an active (non expired) license, only paying the pro rata difference between the upgraded license and your current license.

Do you offer a free trial?

You're welcome to purchase a license, and if within 14 days it is not suitable, simply request a refund - no questions asked.

Can I use this Plugin on client sites?

An Agency License is required, or have your clients purchase their own license. If purchasing an Agency license, support requests must come from the license holder - not your clients.

Do I need a Buffer account?

Yes, you'll need an account at buffer.com. If you want to publish to Pinterest or have several social media accounts, you may need to use a paid Buffer plan, with Buffer.com

Are you and Buffer the same company?

No. We provide WordPress software which automates scheduling social media via your Buffer.com account. We are a separate company.

Is this Plugin compatible with Gutenberg?


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