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Turn your WordPress Comments into a Review System.

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Multiple Rating Fields

Comment Rating Field Pro allows any number of rating groups to be used on the WordPress comment form. Each group can have an unlimited number of rating fields.

Using the Post Type and Post Type Taxonomy Term filters, each group can be targeted to display on specific areas of the web site.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Unlimited Rating Fields

Google Rich Snippet Schema Support

Each rating field group can have a schema type defined. Visitors can see ratings on your Google search results, which helps drive more traffic to your web site.

Schema types tell search engines what the reviews are about to further help with rankings – Comment Rating Field Pro supports Creative Work, Offer, Organization, Place and Product.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Google Rich Snippet Support

Retina Ready, Any Color and Size

Editable styling options include star/bar color for the foreground, background and highlighted star states.

SVG icons are used to ensure ratings render pixel perfect on and device or computer, and the star size can be specified.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Retina Ready

Rating Field Options

Rating Fields on your comments form come with several options, including:

  • Maximum Rating: From 3 to 10 stars
  • Precision: Average Ratings can be rounded to 0, 1 or 2 decimal places. Optionally allow reviewers to add half / .5 ratings.
  • Position: Add rating fields at the top of your comment form, before or after the comment field
  • Limit Ratings: Only allow reviewers to leave one rating per Post. Optionally disable ratings on comment replies
  • Roles: Limit which WordPress User Roles can add ratings
Comment Rating Field Pro: Rating Fields Placement

Display Ratings

Both average ratings and/or rating breakdowns can be displayed anywhere on your WordPress web site, including your Post’s content, excerpt, comments, Post RSS feeds and Comment RSS feeds.

Display options include:

  • Enabling or Disabling ratings to be displayed on content, excerpts, comments and RSS feeds
  • Positioning: Display ratings above or below your content
  • Styling: Display star ratings, with or without grey ‘unfilled’ stars
  • Display Average Rating: Enable or disable, with options to label the Average Rating
  • Display Total Ratings: Display the total number of ratings made by reviewers
  • Display Breakdown: Enable or disable a breakdown of ratings for each field
  • CSS ID and Class: Optionally specify a HTML ID and class(es) to attribute to the rating output, which you can then target with your own custom CSS for more styling.


Comment Rating Field Pro: Display Average Ratings

"Amazon Style" Bars Breakdown

When display ratings on Posts, offer greater transparency in your reviews and show visitors exactly how many reviewers gave a particular rating with the bar style output.

This displays each available rating, with a bar showing which percentage of reviewers left that overall rating.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Amazon Bar Style

Advanced Shortcode

For more control, there’s an advanced shortcode which can be inserted anywhere on your WordPress site that accepts shortcodes – for example, in a widget or a different Page.

Shortcode options match those listed in the Display Ratings functionality above – again allowing complete control over the output style, displaying a breakdown, using stars or bars and more.

The shortcode also provides

This ensures you can display the rating for any Post, Page or Custom Post Type anywhere on your WordPress web site.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Shortcodes

Top Rated Posts Widget

Display the top rated Posts, Pages or items for a specific Taxonomy Term in your WordPress Sidebars, using the CRFP Top Rated Posts widget.

Comment Rating Field Pro Plugin: Widgets: Config

Filter and Sort Comments by Rating

Using the “Amazon Style” Bars Breakdown, visitors can click on a rating, displaying all comments with that rating.  Comments can also be sorted by date or rating, both high to low and low to high.

This is useful if your product or service has a lot of reviews, and users want to quickly see positive, negative or recent reviews.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Sort Comments by Rating

Sort Post Lists and Taxonomies by Rating

When viewing a Post Type Archive (such as your latest Posts, or your Blog Page), or Posts matching a specific Category, Comment Rating Field Pro can order Posts by rating, instead of the WordPress default date ordering.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Sort Posts by Rating

Developer Friendly

For developers, we provide extensive documentation on custom functions, which can be used in your Theme or Plugin to:

  • Display the average rating,
  • Enable rating support on bespoke comment systems
  • Output comment ratings on bespoke comment systems.

This avoids using shortcodes, enhancing the display control and site performance.

We also provide a number of documented actions and filters on all output, allowing you to customise markup to suit your specific needs.

Comment Rating Field Pro: Developer Friendly

Jetpack, WooCommerce and Simple Comment Editing Compatible

Comment Rating Field Pro is compatible with Jetpack Comments and WooCommerce, meaning you can still allow visitors to leave ratings whilst writing a comment on your Post.

We’re also compatible with the Simple Comment Editing Plugin, allowing your users to edit their ratings when editing their comments.

Jetpack Logo

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like your initial purchase over the next 14 days, then we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hosting requirements?

You must have a self-hosted WordPress site (not, running at least version 4.5 and PHP 5.3.

Do I have to pay every year?

To receive ongoing support and updates, you must renew your license every year (unless purchasing a Lifetime license). This is optional, and if you choose not to renew, you can still use the Plugin.

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes. You can upgrade an active (non expired) license, only paying the pro rata difference between the upgraded license and your current license.

Do you offer a free trial?

You're welcome to purchase a license, and if within 14 days it is not suitable, simply request a refund - no questions asked.

Can I use this Plugin on client sites?

Either purchase a Lifetime license, or have your clients purchase their own license. If purchasing a Lifetime license, support requests must come from the license holder - not your clients.


Is it possible to use this as a multi rating comment plugin? So that the visitor can fill in 5 ‘questions’ (ex. helpfull staff, food quality) and some text as a comment. And when they place the comment, other visitors can see the comment and the ratings?

Hello. Why when I sort notes by category, my notes are displayed with the content, but the rating of no stars, only the inscription “Average Rating”.

Great plugin. The only issue I have is that when a user goes to edit their comment, they can’t edit their star rating. Otherwise this is great!

Does this pro plugin works with any custom post? the free one doesn’t works with Social (by MailChimp) plugin, this does?

Does the plugin support Google star ratings for search results? i have tried the free version and it didn’t.

Hi, will this work with premiumpress themes? I installed the regular version but I do not see the rating field in the comments section. I wanted to make sure before I purchase./ thanks!

Without providing some details on your site, theme and steps taken to produce this problem, it’s hard to advise further. The Free and Pro versions work on our customer’s sites.

hey, your upgrade link on the plugin doesn’t work. I ended up purchasing a wrong plugin from a different site with a similar name. I’m still purchasing this plugin because it’s great.

Hey, I emailed a support question after purchasing the plugin last week, please could you get back to me? Thanks

Please use the insert shortcode functionality by editing a Page, Post or Custom Post type, clicking the Comment Rating Field Pro icon in the WordPress Editor toolbar. This will generate the appropriate shortcode based on the settings you supply.

Thanks for making this plugin.. it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! One question… has this plugin been tested to work with WP E-commerce product pages? I’d like to install it for users to comment and rate products. I prefer not to have to use a shortcode for every product though… will I be able to install code for it to show on wpsc-single_product.php or just the product post types within the dashboard?
Thanks again!

I am looking for this kind of plugin for my site. I really like the idea. But before buying it I have two questions about the pro version:
1 – Can it work in porfolio items? In the free version it doesn’t work.
2- What about google rich snippets ?

1. It will work with any Custom Post Type that supports the default WordPress comments system. If your Portfolio items are a Custom Post Type with WordPress comments enabled, then it will work.

2. All ratings and averages are marked up using, which Google supports in its results.


1. Does this support rich snippets format for the post (or custom post) for which the comments are being collected?
2. Have you found any incompatibilities with other wp plugins such as cache plugins (or others)??


Hi Stan,
I also used this code to insert a avarage rating in a template file

function prefix_get_average_rating(){
global $shortcode_tags;
$func = $shortcode_tags['crfp'];

$instance = array();

$instance['enabled'] = true;
$instance['displaystyle'] = 2;
$instance['displayaverage'] = true;
$instance['averageratingtext'] = 'Rating text';
$instance['displaytotalratings'] = true;
$instance['displaybreakdown'] = false;

return call_user_func( $func, $instance );

Because of this

Version 2.2.3 provides a new display_average_rating() function, which will accept the same arguments as a shortcode.

It doesn’t use shortcodes, and calls the required plugin function directly to output the average rating.

Dear Tim Car,

Are you planning on adding a bit more Internationalization, like providing, add text-domains, a default .po file and loading those files?


Hi Jaime,

Version 2.2.3 supports internationalisation and supplies default .po and .mo files.

At present we have no plans to provide translations in other languages, but you are welcome to supply your own based on the default .po file.

If we can help with this at all, please email



Two questions:

1. Is it possible to place rating capability outside of the comment form as well? If it’s not standard, would that be a hard thing to make custom as a developer?
2. Is there any way of monitoring ratings in the back-end?

Thank you 🙂

Hi Mike,

1. It would be difficult. The ratings are stored in the comment meta, so heavily rely on being included within the comments form.
2. We’re working on an update that allows you to display and amend the ratings in the back-end



I buy now the plugin, and begin to make translation.
But the translation is not working in default domain.

I’m using codestyling plugin to translate.
All the translations fields from: Comment-Rating-Field-Pro-Plugin domain is ok!
But when i select the: Default. And make translation… All translations fields dont translate in plugin! :/

Can you take a look on this?

Wicked plugin!

Can I suggest adding a filter or an action to the HTML rating output.
I would like to have a “show / hide” link to the rating breakdown.

So you display the average ” * * * * * [ show breakdown link ] ” which would show the full breakdown.


Bought your unlimited domain wp-to-buffer plugin…..does not work properly….asked for support… response…..asked for support 2nd time… response.

I have found a bug.

The “Disable on replies is not working” it works when the URL has
"?replytocom=35#respond " in it

But the default WP reply link comment_reply_link() uses javascript to load the reply form in, so no URL change happens and the ratings are still required on replies.

Do you have any advice?


Pro allows you to:
– specify multiple rating fields,
– use rating fields on Custom Post Types that support WordPress Comments,
– shortcodes to display average ratings for any Post / Custom Post Type anywhere within your content,
– enhanced display options to define where to display average ratings on excerpts, content, comments and position.

Thanks for the fast reply. We use Pods on our site for a really custom development. I don’t think my developer will have issues implementing into that. Do you have plans on building social integration with this any time soon? Logging in via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc to post comments?


I have tested your free version and It is like what I was searching from week. Thanks

I have some questions, Can I have a free trial version for only one day at least.?

your free version not showing total no. of votes. why ? Is it same with pro version?

Google snippets in pro version?

Can ratings be user or IP add specific to avoid duplicate ratings from same user?

any website using your pro version ?


I am interested in a “Single License”. I have a multisite network but want to use the plugin only on one of those sites. So I will also only activate it on this one site and not activate it network-wide. Does this work with this license?


No, you’ll need the Unlimited or Lifetime license to use this on a multisite installation, regardless of the number of sites within it that you use it for.

Hi, does the single license work on a multisite network if activated only for _one_ site instead of activating network-wide?

No, it doesn’t. Per your previous question:
“You’ll need the Unlimited or Lifetime license to use this on a multisite installation, regardless of the number of sites within it that you use it for.”

Hi Tim,

I could definitely use this on a few site but I wonder if there is an existing method to aggregate the comment rating results.

I would like to pull the average rating for each rating field and display it as a summary somewhere on the custom post.

Does anything like this exist?

Many thanks

Hi Chris,

You can get the average rating per field for a specific Post using the shortcode functionality.

To get the average rating per field for all Posts, you’d need to write your own function to sum and average the ratings stored in the comment meta.



Excellent, plugin worked as i wanted it to work…with a little help from Tim (Email Support) i was able to customize the plugin to make some more changes for it to work how i wanted it to..

Really Appreciate the hard work!!

Hi there,
this looks like a really good match for what we;re looking for for our new website. Rather than simply allow site visitors to post their reviews, I’d like to be able to email patients and ask them to review ,and have the results published to the appropriate section of our (new) site. Is this possible with the plugin?

Hi James,

You could achieve this by only allowing comments to be added by registered users, which is a WordPress site wide setting.

Then email your patients with their user account details and ask them to review.



Good idea. We had it in mind to add patient-only content to the site in Phase2 of the development, so this would tie in nicely.
Thanks for the quick response.
All best

testing the free version and there is no way to see which rating was given before approving the comment in the admin. Does the paid version show the stars in the comment admin? Do you offer money back if the plugin doesn’t work for us? (Had troubles with other premium review plugin)



Your WordPress web site would need to be set to moderate all comments before publishing (this is a standard WordPress setting).

In the WordPress Administration, you’ll then see your pending comments with star ratings, and you can choose to approve/spam/trash the comment (again, as you would with any WordPress comment).

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee from the time of purchase.


Hi Tim.

I’m using BuddyForms as a front end for custom posts. Is there a way for authors to rate using a shortcode, for example, something like [crfp-3] to add three stars?


Hi Richard,

Great idea, but sadly this isn’t possible. CRFP is tied into the comments system, so to try and extract it to work elsewhere (for both rating inputs and outputs) isn’t possible at this time.



It sounds like this applies to all of the comment areas on a site. Can you specify if you only want the star rating option to appear on a specific post type or category? For example I have a site with recipes and blog posts. I want reviews on the recipes, but just comments on the blog posts.

Hi guys,

That’s weird my comment left yesterday has disappeared. I was just wondering if Pro allowed us to edit existing comments with a star rating or would I need to add the comments from scratch which is what I would need to do with the free plugin? We have roughly 50 pages with half a dozen or so comments per page!

I’ll buy the the plugin anyway as I need to get this working for a client ASAP and if it doesn’t work as I expect I’ll request a refund.

Cheers, Sas


I try to update Comment Rating Field Pro from 3.2.6. to 3.3.0

This gives me a wp-admin blank page…
I need to overwrite the files in the wp-content/plugin folder with the old ones to make wp-admin show up again.

Is there a way to update the plugin?
Maybe I first need to go to 3.2.7?

Gr. Thijs

Presale question.
I want to get 3 items or dielfs with star rating for each comment, same way as you got Product Rating and Another Rating Field, but I need three). As example: Food, Enviroment, Service.
Can I, with the comments ratings, create a piece of content in the custom post type single page or list to show average of each item? Something like
“Cusomer Ratings”
Food: 80%
Enviroment: 92%
Service: 100%
Total Average: 90%

Is this possible with your plugin?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the quick answer. But again just to be sure, there is no way I can get “Total Average: 90%” (as example) ?
None at all?

Thanks in advance.

I have a Presale Question.
Is it posssible to have a shortcode with the top 5 Posts of a certain category?



Do you have Captcha options for rating? I don’t want the same person to rate many times a day.

Ratings can be limited to one per person.

Alternatively, you can implement a captcha plugin for your comments to prevent multiple comments.

Nice to meet you. This question is written using translation software.
I am sorry if it is hard to read.

Is it possible to issue an average rating of all comment contributors for this plug-in?
I would like to display the average of all commenters, not the average rating of each person.
I kindly thank you.

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