3.5.8 (2019-11-21)

* Added: Licensing: Clear WordPress options cache when updating or deleting license validity information, to prevent aggressive third party caching solutions from storing stale data
* Fix: Licensing: Obscure License Key if valid

3.5.7 (2019-10-17)

* Fix: Licensing: Don’t show license expired notice on Plugins screen, for performance

3.5.6 (2019-10-10)

* Fix: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method LicensingUpdateManager::has_feature()

3.5.5 (2018-08-23)

* Fix: Rating Output: Disable Schema Markup when no Average Rating exists

3.5.4 (2018-06-28)

* Fix: Improved licensing mechanism

3.5.3 (2018-05-10)

* Fix: Licensing: Improved performance
* Fix: Activation: Deactivate free version of the plugin if it’s still active

3.5.2 (2018-02-01)

* Fix: Installation: Ensure a Group and Field exist, if none are defined

3.5.1 (2018-01-24)

* Added: Field Groups: Rating Precision option (see Docs:
* Fix: TinyMCE: Improved Insert Shortcode modal
* Fix: Sort Posts by Rating: is_front_page() call resulting in warnings

3.5.0 (2018-01-19)

* Added: Settings: Sort Post Type Archives by Rating (see Docs:
* Added: Settings: Sort Taxonomy Archives by Rating (see Docs:
* Added: Settings: Rich Snippets Schema: Disable on Comments (see Docs:
* Added: Settings: Rich Snippets Schema: Disable on Shortcodes (see Docs:
* Added: Field Groups: Rating Input: Limit by Role (see Docs:
* Added: Field Groups: Rating Output: Comments: Show Sorting Options (see Docs:
* Added: Comments: Delete Rating in WordPress Administration (see Docs:
* Fix: Improved frontend CSS
* Fix: Improved admin CSS
* Fix: Undefined index errors in shortcode.php

3.4.9 (2017-10-06)

* Added: Improved UI
* Added: Set sensible defaults when first creating a new Field Group
* Fix: Uncaught TypeError: Illegal constructor in admin-min.js for clipboard.js functionality

3.4.8 (2017-08-17)

* Fix: Use get_comment_text filter instead of comment_text filter for adding rating output to Comments
* Fix: Don’t check for in_the_loop() on shortcodes, to ensure they output anywhere on Themes

3.4.7 (2017-03-13)

* Added: Option to disable rating input and output on individual Posts
* Fix: Don’t output schema on excerpts with rating output
* Fix: Output rating fields when Jetpack Comments enabled and Rating Input: Position isn’t = After Comment Field

3.4.6 (2017-02-27)

* Fix: Only display Review Helper for Super Admin and Admin

3.4.5 (2017-02-20)

* Added: Review Helper to check if the user needs help
* Updated: Dashboard and Licensing Submodules

3.4.4 (2017-01-30)

* Fix: Changed branding from WP Cube to WP Zinc
* Fix: Updated licensing endpoint to reflect brand change

3.4.3 (2017-01-27)

* Added: Output: Strip tags from the Post Title when generating comment schema markup (ensures Themes and Plugins which add markup to Post Titles don’t accidentally break our output)

3.4.2 (2017-01-23)

* Added: Output: Strip tags from the Post Title when generating schema markup (ensures Themes and Plugins which add markup to Post Titles don’t accidentally break our output)
* Fix: Honor cssID and cssClass arguments on display_rating_fields() function call
* Fix: Don’t output empty element if there is no label to display

3.4.1 (2016-12-09)

* Fix: Output Custom CSS using wp_head action instead of wp_enqueue_script

3.4.0 (2016-11-14)

* Added: Filter comment text using comment_rating_field_pro_rating_output_build_comment_rating_html_comment_text

3.3.9 (2016-10-07)

* Added: Support for ratings on Attachment / Media Pages
* Fix: get_posts_ordered_by_rating() orders by Rating and then Number of Ratings
* Fix: Top Rated Posts Widget orders by Rating and then Number of Ratings
* Fix: Check that rating split and rating split percentages are correct variable types to avoid ksort() warnings.

3.3.8 (2016-09-20)

* Fix: Honor Style

‘Filled and Empty Colors’ when Show Average

‘Yes, using Bars (Amazon Style)’

3.3.7 (2016-09-15)

* Added: display_comment_rating() function for developers to output comment text with rating outside the WordPress Comments Loop
* Added: Action and Filter Hooks on includes/global/rating-input.php and includes/global/rating-output.php. Please refer to online Docs for full list
* Added: Option to specify ID and/or class in shortcode arguments
* Added: Option to specify ID and/or additional CSS classes when creating/editing a rating group on excerpt and content output
* Added: Option to place Average Rating Label before or after stars/bars
* Added: Schema markup for overall ratings and individual comments is always output; the “Schema Type” option on a Group will simply define the type of rating it is (e.g. CreativeWork, Recipe etc)
* Added: Compatibility with Simple Comment Editing (
* Fix: Targeted Placement Options layout for hierarchical taxonomy terms
* Fix: Use site_url() instead of bloginfo( ‘url’ ) when loading JS assets in TinyMCE Popup, for multisite and subfolder installation support
* Fix: Rating breakdown by bars was not sorted correctly
* Fix: Improved CSS for spacing when displaying average rating label, rating stars and rating number on a single line

3.3.6 (2016-07-03)

* Fix: Column count SQL error on Field Group creation

3.3.5 (2016-06-28)

* Added: Option to choose the maximum rating on the scale, instead of always being out of 5
* Added: Option to display rating percentage after star rating on comments output
* Added: Option to display rating number after star rating on excerpt / content output
* Added: Option to display rating percentage after star rating on excerpt / content output
* Added: Option to display rating on Comments RSS feed
* Fix: Improved Admin UI
* Fix: Optimized CSS

3.3.4 (2016-06-16)

* Added: Option to display rating number after star rating on comments
* Fix: Allow users to leave comments without ratings when Disable on Reply

Yes and Limit Ratings

* Fix: Use different separator on widget for Post Type and Taxonomy to avoid conflict with Post Types that use underscores in their name

3.3.3 (2016-06-09)

* Fix: Show and hide options in Field Groups conditionally when they should be displayed


* Fix: Shortcodes will correctly process in sidebar text widgets
* Fix: Licensing mechanism works correctly with W3 Total Cache and memcache


* Added: Unique CSS classes to comment rating output and text (.crfp-average-rating, .crfp-rating-breakdown, .crfp-rating-text)
* Fix: Half ratings would wrongly display on average output when a Post has no comments with ratings, and the field group has half ratings disabled


* Fix: Don’t filter query using pre_get_posts when no Post Types are defined for rating sort ordering


* Fix: Average and total ratings were reset on Post edit
* Fix: Display Average Rating setting in Edit Field Group would not display the saved value
* Fix: Show Breakdown option not displaying on some sections
* Fix: Compatibility with Akismet to correctly detect spam comments, instead of marking them as Pending


* Fix: Correctly remove free settings once automatically migrated to Pro.


* Added: Rating output on RSS Feeds
* Added: get_posts_ordered_by_rating() function (see Documentation)
* Added: sort_posts_by_rating_post_types filter (see Documentation)
* Added: Option to sort comments by rating
* Added: Option to filter comments by rating
* Added: Recipe Schema
* Fix: Use defaults array to populate new field groups and reduce errors
* Fix: Store average rating and total rating meta values on all Posts, so sorting works
* Fix: Upgrade from Free version now working for some installations
* Fix: Added ‘displaytotalratingsbefore’ and ‘displaytotalratingsafter’ options to display_average_rating(), per Documentation
* Fix: Reinstated Taxonomies and Taxonomy Terms on Widget
* Fix: Edit Comment Rating Field Display


* Added: Singleton pattern for classes


* Fix: Return excerpt text if no rating field group applies to the given section.


* Fix: Read Post ID from function and shortcode if specified by using $atts instead of $instance


* Fix: License check takes place outside of admin if required
* Fix: Widget errors
* Fix: Localization loading moved to outside of admin
* Fix: Activation on new multisite activation
* Fix: Upgrade routine from pre 3.0


* Fix: display_rating_fields() and display_average_rating() now correctly register and function
* Fix: New Posts with no ratings and percentage output enabled no longer display an error


* Fix: Fatal error on some plugin activations


* Added: Plugin structure changes and code optimisation for better performance
* Added: Jetpack Comments Support
* Added: Reset Ratings on Post Edit screen (removes comment ratings and resets Post rating metadata)
* Added: Customise “from X ratings” text on excerpts, content and shortcodes
* Fix: Don’t recalculate ratings every time for a logged in user
* Fix: Output rating count if settings require it and there are no ratings (fixes issues with Rich Snippets markup validation)


* Added: Delete rating field option in group
* Fix: Stars sometimes not honoring custom color settings due to CSS minification


* Added: Minify CSS and JS
* Fix: itemReviewed attribute added to Review schema to fix Google Testing Tool validation errors
* Fix: WooCommerce 2.3.8 compatibility


* Fix: Removed HTML comments which prevent some third party plugins from working with CRFP when encoding HTML as JSON


* Bug fixes


* Bug fixes


* Fix: Don’t die() when no CRFP groups found for custom CSS output


* Added: CSS reset for better compatibility with themes
* Fix: Use plugin_dir_url() for HTTPS support


* Added: Option to filter comments by rating when using bar output
* Fix: Symlink support
* Fix: Half ratings on new field groups not always showing
* Fix: Calculations run only when comments are added, edited or deleted for better performance
* Fix: Comments link from Excerpts now loads correct URL
* Fix: Custom styling now applied to Excerpts / Archive screens


* Fix: Division by zero error


* Added: Option to choose no schema on a Rating Field Group
* Fix: Cancel button hover state


* Added: Full WooCommerce Product Support
* Added: Define star sizes (default: 16px)
* Fix: Vertical star alignment with rating labels
* Fix: Paragraph formatting not showing on comments
* Fix: Rating Field Groups and Fields included in JSON export


* Fix: Better upgrade routine when migrating from 2.4.6


* Fix: Prevent license key from being overwritten by WordPress nonce when saving a rating field group
* Fix: New installations didn’t always setup database tables correctly


* Added: Groups – A powerful new way to add Rating Fields to your WordPress web site.
* Added: Rich Snippet Schema Markup – choose a schema (e.g. Review, Product, Place, Person)
* Added: Retina support for stars output (uses SVG)
* Added: Define star / bar colors for background, foreground and selection states
* Added: Average rating breakdown as bars – output the average rating as a 1 – 5 bar chart breakdown instead of stars (i.e. how Amazon does it)
* Added: Limit Ratings – choose to prevent commentors leaving more than one rating per Post / Page / CPT.
* Fix: Display average rating stars on Widget
* Fix: Only load JS and CSS when needed
* Fix: Only calculate average rating from approved comments (some comments awaiting moderation were wrongly included in calculations previously)


* Fix: Delete Post Meta rating values when there are no comments with ratings (prevents average rating being wrongly retained)
* Fix: Multiple shortcodes to output average ratings on a single Page


* Fix: Use $wpdb->prepare() instead of mysql_real_escape_string for better SQL injection compatibility protection.
* Fix: When a rating field is required and replies are disabled, prevent validation checks for ratings on replies.
* Added: Anchor link option from Average Rating to Comments section on Excerpt
* Added: Anchor link option from Average Rating to Comments section on Content
* Added: Anchor link option from Average Rating to Comments section on Shortcode


* Added: Import + Export Settings, allowing users to copy settings to other plugin installations
* Added: Average Rating + Total Rating keys are set on all Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types, to ensure all Posts are included when using orderby=meta_value_num on WP_Query


* Fix: License server endpoint


* Fix: CRFP Top Rating Widget showing too many stars when a half average rating defined
* Fix: CSS styling on rating inputs
* Fix: Ratings not displaying on some comments


* Fix: Undefined properties on CRFP Top Rating Widget
* Fix: CRFP Top Rating Widget – use siderbar defined heading tag for title
* Fix: Force license key check method to beat aggressive server caching


* Fix: Undefined property: CRFPTopRatedPosts::$plugin
* Fix: Rating fields incorrectly displaying when “Disable on Replies” = Yes and Javascript on WordPress Comments are enabled
* Fix: Ratings in WordPress Admin > Comments not displaying correctly in WordPress 3.9+
* Fix: Ratings in WordPress Admin > Comments > Edit not displaying correctly in WordPress 3.9+
* Fix: Average rating recalculation on comment published -> trash
* Fix: Average rating recalculation on comment trash -> delete
* Fix: Average rating recalculation on comment trash -> restore
* Added: Filter: crfp_display_rating_field
* Added: Filter: crfp_display_comment_rating
* Added: Filter: crfp_display_post_rating
* Added: Filter: crfp_display_post_rating_excerpt
* Added: Filter: crfp_display_post_rating_content
* Added: Filter: crfp_display_post_rating_shortcode
* Added: Support menu with debug information
* Added: Half ratings option (.5)


* Added text-domain to all strings


* Fix for character encoding issues for Greek + Portugese when using PHP < 5.4


* Added translation support and .pot file


* Shortcode supports new `id` parameter to optionally specify which Post ID to get average rating from


* Changed filter for outputting ratings in comments to prevent duplicate display


* Better license key transient check / refresh to prevent frontend functionality from not working


* Fix: Better JS targeting to prevent conflicts with PremiumPress Themes


* Pro Version: Added display_average_rating() function to manually output average rating.
* Fix: Internationalization support added.


* Fix: Better jQuery rating integration
* Pro Version: Edit ratings in Administration > Comments


* Dashboard CSS + JS enhancements


* Added: display_rating_field() function to manually output rating fields on custom comment forms, where comment_form() is not used in the theme
* Notice: Output an error message if comment_form() and display_rating_field() are not included in the active theme’s comments.php file
* Notice: Output an error message if no Rating Fields have been defined
* Setting: disable rating fields on comment reply forms
* Fix: Zero ratings are ignored in average / rating calculations


* Fix: Activation routine for DB table creation


* Fix: PHP notice messages
* Fix: Better rating field positioning options and code
* Fix: Licensing and update mechanism enhancements


* Pro Version: Support for multiple rating fields
* Pro Version: Additional display settings for ratings on excerpts, content + comments
* Fix: admin_enqueue_scripts used to fix in WordPress 3.6+


* Pro Version: Improvements to Rich Snippets markup for better chance of display in Google Search Results
* Fix: Removed console.log() messages in JS
* Fix: frontend.js enqueues in footer


* Pro Version: Overhauled plugin structure to follow best practices
* Pro Version: Comments form rating field added via PHP instead of JS for better compatibility
* Pro Version: Admin UI improvements
* Pro Version: Average Rating on Excerpts
* Pro Version: Rating Field position above or below comments form


* Fix: License key save routine


* Pro Version: Version 2 of License Update Manager; uses JSON; removes requirements for cURL and SimpleXML


* Pro Version: Change of licensing system and branding to WP Cube
* Pro Version: Tidied up the Settings Panel by grouping settings together by their functionality (Post Types, Rating Input, Average Rating)
* Pro Version: Removed cancel button where rating field is required


* Fix: WordPress 3.4 compatibility
* Fix: jQuery Rating Javascript updated to 3.14


* Pro Version: Setting for defining Cancel Rating hover title
* Fix: Change conditional tag is_single() to is_singular() for better compatibility on some themes
* Fix: in_array datatype error on some Pages
* Fix: Top Rated Widget for correct post rating order


* Fix: HTML fix on Settings field to ensure settings save correctly


* Pro Version: Display Average Rating: Options changed to Never, When Rating(s) Exist (default), Always (grey stars if no rating / not a 5 star rating)
* Pro Version: Display Style: Yellow Stars only (default), Yellow Stars with Grey Stars (grey stars if no rating / not a 5 star rating)
* Pro Version: Google Rich Snippets microformats markup added to average rating for display within Google search results, per
* Pro Version: Minor HTML and CSS changes to support above


* Removal of Donate Button
* On Activation, plugin no longer enables ratings on Pages and Posts by default
* Change: Average Rating displayed below content for better formatting and output on themes
* Fix: Language / localisation support
* Fix: Rating only shows on selected categories where specified in the plugin
* Fix: Recalculation of rating when comment removed
* Fix: Multisite Compatibility
* Fix: W3 Total Cache compatibility
* Pro Version: Support: Access to support ticket system and knowledgebase
* Pro Version: Custom Post Types: Support for rating display and functionality on ANY Custom Post Types and their Taxonomies
* Pro Version: Widgets: List the Top Rated Posts within your sidebars
* Pro Version: Shortcodes: Use a shortcode to display the Average Rating anywhere within your content
* Pro Version: Rating Field: Make rating field a required field
* Pro Version: Display Average Rating: Choose to display average rating above content, below content or above the comments form
* Pro Version: Seamless Upgrade: Retain all current settings and ratings when upgrading to Pro


* Javascript changes to fix comment rating field not appearing below comment field on some themes.


* Enable on Pages Option Added
* Enable on Post Categories Option Added
* Display Average Option Added – will display the average of all ratings at the top of the comments list.
* Donate Button Added to Settings Panel
* Change to readme.txt file for required ID on comment form.


* Fixed paths for CSS and Javascript.


* First release.