Comment Rating Field Pro provides a widget, which allows you to display a list of Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types in your site’s sidebars.

Posts are ordered by their average rating, highest to lowest.

To add a widget to one of your WordPress web site’s sidebars:

  1. Click on the Appearance menu entry in the WordPress Administration, and then click Widgets.
    Comment Rating Field Pro Plugin: Widgets: Menu
  2. You will then see the Widgets screen, where you can drag and drop the CRFP Top Rated Posts Widget into one or more of your theme’s sidebars:
    Comment Rating Field Pro Plugin: Widgets: Widget
  3. When added to a sidebar, the following settings can be defined:
    1. Title: The optional title to display above the list of Posts.
    2. Post Type / Taxonomy / Term: The Post Type (Pages, Posts and any registered Custom Post Types) from which to display the Top Rated Posts, or a Post Category / Custom Post Taxonomy)
    3. Number of Posts: The number of posts to display.
      Comment Rating Field Pro Plugin: Widgets: Config