Authentication Settings

Before using WordPress to SocialPilot Pro, you’ll need to authenticate your WordPress to SocialPilot Pro installation to use your SocialPilot account.  This ensures that WordPress to SocialPilot Pro can send status updates to SocialPilot when Posts are published, updated, reposted or bulk published, based on the Plugin’s settings.

  1. In the WordPress Administration interface, click on WP to SocialPilot Pro > Settings
    WordPress to SocialPilot Pro: Settings Menu
  2. On the Authentication tab, enter your SocialPilot Username and Password, and then click the Authenticate with SocialPilot button.
    WordPress to SocialPilot Pro: Authentication
    We don’t store this information, but it is required by SocialPilot to authenticate this Plugin and fetch an Access Token.  The Access Token is then used by the Plugin to post to your SocialPilot account.
  3. If the process was successful, confirmation will be displayed on screen
    WordPress to SocialPilot Pro: Authenticated Confirmation Message
    The settings interface will also change, confirming that the Plugin is authorized to post updates to your SocialPilot account.WordPress to SocialPilot Pro: Authenticated UI