User Access

Videos are not designed to be a substitute for instructions. Please refer to the detailed Documentation below.

WordPress to SocialPilot Pro provides options to limit:

  • Which Post Types to display configuration options for,
  • Which of your linked social media accounts from SocialPilot to display configuration options for.

In the WordPress Administration, click on the WP to SocialPilot Pro > Settings in the menu.
WordPress to Buffer Pro: Settings Menu

WordPress to Buffer Pro: Settings: User Access

Clicking on the User Access tab provides the following options:

Enable Specific Post Types

Checking this option will present additional options for each WordPress User Role, defining:

  • Which Post Type(s) display as tabs on the Settings screen,
  • Which Post Type(s) display the WordPress to SocialPilot Meta Boxes when editing a given Post Type.

If you have several Post Types, some of which you don’t want to use for social media, we recommend using this option for performance and simplifying the user interface.

Enable Specific Profiles

Checking this option will present additional options to choose which of the social media profiles connected to your SocialPilot account are available for use on your WordPress installation, for each WordPress User Role.

This is useful if, for example, you have several brands / businesses’ social media accounts connected to your SocialPilot account, but only want one specific brand / business to be used on the relevant WordPress web site.

For SocialPilot accounts with 10+ profiles connected to it, we always recommend using this option for performance (unless you truly will be publishing to every single social media profile connected to your SocialPilot account).