This Documentation explains the data that is transmitted to third party services.  There are no actionable steps for you to complete.

When using WordPress to SocialPilot Pro, the Plugin will connect to two third party API services:

  • WP Zinc
  • SocialPilot

WP Zinc


SocialPilot requires that we request your username and password, so that we can obtain an Access Token, which permits our Plugin to post status updates to your SocialPilot account.

If you are unsure of this process, please refer to SocialPilot’s API documentation as confirmation that this is the only method available for authentication at this time.

Your login process is directly with SocialPilot, who never share your credentials.  Furthermore, we never store any information on our web site or API during this process.


Once you have authenticated with SocialPilot, status updates will be sent to the SocialPilot API, depending on how you have configured the Plugin.

The data sent will also depend on the fields that you are including with your status updates – for example, your Post’s Title, URL, Excerpt etc.

If Logging is enabled, the results of the status update from SocialPilot are stored in the Post metadata.