Entering your License Key

There are two ways to license your WordPress Plugin:

  • Via the Licensing screen within the Plugin, or
  • By defining a constant in your wp-config.php file

Licensing Screen

Once activated, the Plugin will prompt you for a license key:
Licensing: Notice

Don’t see a prompt for a license key?  You need to complete the Installation steps first.

Click on the Plugin’s name in the WordPress Administration menu.
Licensing: Plugin Menu

On the following screen, you can enter your license key.
Licensing: Enter License Key

Don’t know your license key?  We sent a copy of your license key to your email address, as well as storing it in your Account.

Once you have entered your license key, click Save and ensure that the confirmation message displays to confirm that a valid license key has been entered:
Licensing: License Valid Message

Click the Plugin name’s menu entry in the WordPress Administration again to see the available options for this Plugin.


Alternatively, you can define the license key by adding the following to your wp-config.php file:

define( 'PRODUCT-NAME-PRO_LICENSE_KEY', 'your_license_key' );

PRODUCT-NAME-PRO_LICENSE_KEY is the name of the WordPress Plugin the license key applies to.  Please note the use of dashes and underscores – we recommend copying the below constants to ensure they’re correct.


If the license key constant is setup correctly, the Licensing screen on the WordPress Administration will have the licensing field greyed out:
Licensing: wp-config example

If you are running Page Generator Pro 1.8.3, we are aware that a small minority of customers are unable to license 1.8.3, therefore do not receive automatic updates.  To resolve, the following one time actions are required:
  1. Login at https://www.wpzinc.com/account
  2. Click on the Downloads tab
  3. Download the latest version of Page Generator Pro
  4. WordPress Admin > Plugins > Deactivate Page Generator Pro
  5. WordPress Admin > Plugins > Delete Page Generator Pro.  No data will be lost.
  6. Follow the Installation Documentation