Hosting Requirements

To ensure best working compatibility, performance and support, all of our WordPress Plugins require the following WordPress and PHP versions to run smoothly.


You must have either:

  • A self-hosted WordPress site, or
  • A installation with the Business Plan or higher.

WordPress Versions

We actively support our Plugins running WordPress 5.0 or higher.

WordPress User Role

To access a Plugin’s setup, configuration and functionality, the logged in user must have access to the manage_options Role (this is typically a WordPress User who is a WordPress Administrator or higher).

Lower roles, such as Editor and Author, may work if configured programmatically.
Depending on the Plugin in question, lower roles may have access to specific subsets of functionality.

Specific Users may not have access if an Agency License is used and configured to permit/deny specific Users.

PHP Version

We actively support our Plugins running on any PHP version that is listed as a “Currently Supported Version” at At the time of writing, this is:

  • 8.0
  • 8.1
  • 8.2

Given that older versions of PHP are no longer supported or maintained by the PHP team, it is strongly recommended that you keep your PHP version up to date, to avoid security and performance issues with your WordPress web sites in general.

If you are using PHP 7.4 and older, due to third party legacy Plugins, Themes and code, you will need to work with said third party products to ensure their code is up to date.  Running outdated Plugins due to incompatibility with later PHP versions is another security issue.


PHP must be able to use at least 256MB of memory for correct operation of our Plugins.  512MB or more (in exceptional high use cases) may be required.

You can configure this by adding the following to the end of your wp-config.php file:
define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );


Our Plugins work on most hosting environments, and as such we do not recommend one single host, noting that each site is different.

You’ll want to use a host that provides:

  • A non-shared hosting plan; any “shared hosting” is liable to be poor in performance and resources,
  • Latest PHP Versions (8.0 or higher),
  • WP-CLI, which some of our Plugins can optionally use for better performance.
  • Sensible memory limits are defined that provide correct working functionality with our Plugins.

Put simply, if you are using a cheap $5/month host, don’t be surprised if our Plugins (and others) struggle to perform.