When purchasing a Pro version of our Plugin, you will receive:

  1. An email with a link to the Plugin ZIP file,
    Installation: Order Confirmation Email
  2. On screen confirmation that your purchase was successful, with a link to the Plugin ZIP file.
    Installation: On Screen Confirmation
Can’t find either of these?  Visit your account, reset your password (using the email addressed used at the time of purchase) and then access your account, where you can download the Plugin ZIP file.
If you currently have the Free version of the Plugin installed and activated, you must deactivate it in WordPress Administration > Plugins first.

To install the supplied Pro version of our Plugin:

  • In the WordPress Administration, navigate to Plugins > Add New in the Administration menu.
    Installation: Plugins > Add New
  • Click Upload, towards the top of the screen.
    Installation: Upload Plugin
  • Depending on your web browser, click Browse, Upload or Choose File, select the Plugin ZIP file you’ve received from us.
    Installation: Browse
  • Click Install Now.
    Installation: Install Now
  • Once installed, click Activate Plugin.
    Installation: Activate Plugin