Per-Post Settings

Videos are not designed to be a substitute for instructions. Please refer to the detailed Documentation below.

On every Post, Page and Custom Post Type, you have an option to:
WordPress to Buffer Pro: Per Post Settings

  • Use Plugin Settings: This Post will be sent to Buffer’s social media profile(s) based on the plugin’s settings.
  • Do NOT Post to Buffer: This Post will not be sent to Buffer
  • Post to Buffer using Manual Settings: This Post will be sent to Buffer based on the settings provided for this specific Post.

When choosing Post to Buffer using Manual Settings, the below screen will be displayed:
WordPress to Buffer Pro: Per-Post Status Settings

Configuring Per-Post Statuses works in the same way as configuring Status Settings, which can be referred to in the Status Settings Documentation.

The Save button allows you to save WordPress to Buffer Pro’s Per-Post Status Settings, without needing to Publish/Update/Save the entire Post.  This is not required, however, and settings will save when the Post is also saved, drafted, scheduled, published or updated.