Product Roadmaps are a guide only.  A feature request listed here does not guarantee inclusion, and the order listed does not indicate a priority of one feature over another.

If a previously listed feature request no longer exists, it will either:

  • Be in the next product release
  • Was added to a recent product release
  • Is no longer considered for inclusion

We do not provide ETAs on feature requests.

  • Logs: Option to filter by Request Sent Date/Time
  • Use Feat. Image: Fallback to Post Image if no Feat. Image defined for networks requiring an image (Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Repost: Custom Date/Time: Option to make relative to last status
  • Video: Add when supported by the API
  • New Installation: Add Welcome Screen with options to register or login/auth, instead of showing settings
  • Settings: Status: Enable AJAX saving on each Social Network + Action tab, to avoid settings not saving due to large $_POST array
  • Documentation: Ensure Docs are standardised across all social media products
  • Featured Image: Option to require a Featured Image
  • Repost: Option to define Post Type > Social Network specific settings for Max Posts, Per-Post Frequency and Post Age
  • Images: Option to specify how many images to post on each status
  • Log: Provide solutions to common issues
  • Status: Custom Time: Allow relative date/time values e.g. ‘Next Tuesday’
  • Videos: Update videos to reflect new/updated settings and UI
  • Statuses: Add autocomplete for Facebook Page and Twitter Profile Mentions