Generate: Run and Actions

Videos are not designed to be a substitute for instructions. Please refer to the detailed Documentation below.

Once you have defined your Group’s content, you’ll want to generate Pages / Terms from your Content Groups.

The Groups Table provides an overview of your Content Groups, as well as specific Actions that can be run to test, generate, manage generation and delete generated content:

Page Generator Pro: Generate: Run and Actions: Table

Status Column

The Status column displays either:

  • Actions that can be performed on the Group, such as:
    • Testing Content Generation,
    • Generating Content via Browser,
    • Generating Content via Server
  • The current status of an action that is being performed, such as content generation.

These actions are also available when editing a Content Group:
Page Generator Pro: Generate: Content: Actions

Don’t see these options when editing a Content Group? Gutenberg and some Page Editors won’t let us display them, so you’ll need to access them from the Content Groups table above, found at Page Generator Pro > Content Groups.


It’s always recommended that you do this before generating all of the content.

The Test method generates a single, draft Page, Post or Custom Post Type, with verbose error output if elements fail (for example, a shortcode).

When clicking this action, a message is displayed on screen confirming you want to generate a Test Page:
Page Generator Pro: Generate: Run: Confirm Test

Once confirmed, an on screen notification will confirm whether the Test succeeded, with a link to the draft Page / Post / Custom Post Type:
Page Generator Pro: Generate: Test Notification

Click the preview link to view the test content, where you can confirm correct working functionality, and make changes to your Group as necessary.

If error(s) occurred with the test, they will be displayed on the content.  For example, if a Wikipedia shortcode results in no content being found, you might see the following error:
Page Generator Pro: Generate: Test: Shortcode Error

To test generation using a different Keyword Term, change the Resume Index option in the Content Group.

Generate Methods

Three Generate methods are provided.  Refer to each respective method’s Documentation for further information.

Generate via CRON was renamed to Generate via Server in Page Generator Pro 2.3.9 and higher.
Method Displays On Screen Log / Progress Active Internet Connection Required Keep Browser Window/Tab Open Documentation
Browser Yes Yes
Your computer must remain connected to the internet, so that the generation process in the browser can communicate with the Plugin for each Page that is Generated
Your browser window/tab must remain open for the generation process in the browser to run
Generate via Browser
Server No No No Generate via Server
WP-CLI Yes No No
The WP-CLI process must remain open and running, if manually invoked through SSH.
Generate: WP-CLI

When any of these are run, the Content Group is locked and editing is prevented.  This is by design, to ensure that content is not edited part way through the generation routine.  Should you wish to make a change to the Content Group, refer to the Cancel Generation section below, which unlocks the Group, making it available for editing.

Cancel Generation

Once Generation has started, it can be stopped in one of two ways:

  1. In the Groups Table, click the Cancel action:
    Page Generator Pro: Generate: Run: Cancel CRON
  2. (Generate via Browser) only:
    1. Click the Stop Generation button on the Generate screen:
      Page Generator Pro: Generate: Stop Generation
    2. In the Groups Table, click the Cancel action:
      Page Generator Pro: Generate: Run: Cancel Browser

This will not delete any existing Generated Content.  To do this, refer to the rest of the Documentation below.

Generated Items

The Generated Items column displays the number of Posts / Pages / CPT’s generated by each Group.

Where content has been generated, two actions are available:

Trash Generated Content

This allows you to trash all existing Page(s) that were generated by this Group.

Any images that were added to the Media Library by Page Generator Pro, for any generated Page that is trashed, will not be deleted.

Delete Generated Content

This allows you to permanently delete all existing Page(s) that were generated by this Group.  This is useful if you made an error, and need to replace your existing Pages with revised content.

Any images that were added to the Media Library by Page Generator Pro, for any generated Page that is deleted, will be deleted.

Any images that already existed in the Media Library and were used for any generated Page will not be deleted.

Common Issues

Refer to the Debugging Issues Documentation, which covers steps to resolve most issues when generating Content or Terms.