Settings: Generate

Don’t see the Generate Settings? It’s new to Page Generator Pro 1.9.7 and higher.  Ensure that your license is valid, not expired and that you’ve updated to the latest version of the Plugin.

The Generate Settings provides options for specifying the default behaviour when Generating Content and Terms, using the Generate: Run functionality.

  • In your WordPress Administration interface, navigate to Page Generator Pro > Settings
    Page Generator Pro: Settings Menu
  • Click the Generate tab.
    Page Generator Pro: Settings: Generate

Define the following options:

Enable Logging?

Don’t see Enable Logging? It’s new to Page Generator Pro 2.6.1 and higher.  Ensure that your license is valid, not expired and that you’ve updated to the latest version of the Plugin.

If enabled, the Plugin Logs will detail results of Content and Term Generation performed via Browser, Server and WP-CLI.

Preserve Logs

Don’t see Preserve Logs? It’s new to Page Generator Pro 2.6.1 and higher.  Ensure that your license is valid, not expired and that you’ve updated to the latest version of the Plugin.

The number of days to preserve logs for. Zero means logs are kept indefinitely.

Given that there is the potential to generate a high volume of content very quickly, it’s recommended to keep this number low, to ensure the underlying database table does not end up with a lot of unnecessary data which fills up database storage.

Stop on Error

Stop on Error determines what the Plugin’s generation process should do when a server, connection or generation error occurs when attempting to generate a Page or Term.

  • Stop: The Plugin will stop generating further Pages or Terms
  • Continue, attempting to regenerate the Content or Term again: The Plugin will pause for 5 seconds, and attempt to generate the failed Content or Term again.  This is recommended if your server returns 404, 500 or 503 server errors during the generation process, and is the default setting if no other setting is chosen.
  • Continue, skipping the failed Content or Term: The Plugin will pause for 5 seconds, and then generate the next Content or Term.  This is recommended if a generation error is consistently returned on the same Content or Term, and you need to continue generation to complete the rest of the generated Pages or Terms

Use Performance Addon

Due to performance improvements in PHP 8.1+ and WordPress 6.2+, the Use Performance Addon setting provides no improvement. It may be useful on older PHP and WordPress versions, or sites with a large number of activated plugins.

If enabled, uses the Page Generator Pro: Performance Addon Must-Use Plugin.

This can improve generation times and reduce memory usage on sites with numerous Plugins, by only loading a minimal set of Plugins that are required during the generation process.  Whether this does improve generation times will depend on the specific web site and hosting environment.

If you rely on specific Plugins e.g. a Page Builder, Custom Field, Custom Taxonomy, SEO Plugins etc, and issues are encountered during Generation, the Performance Addon must either be disabled or said Plugins must be enabled in the Load Plugins setting, documented below.

Page Generator Pro should automatically create this file at wp-content/mu-plugins/page-generator-pro-performance-addon.php. If your file permissions and hosting configuration do not permit file creation, you’ll have to manually copy the file yourself from wp-content/plugins/page-generator-pro/mu-plugins/page-generator-pro-performance-addon.php

To confirm the must-use Plugin is active, navigate to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Must-Use:
Page Generator Pro: Settings: Generate: Use Performance Addon

The version number of the Addon may be lower than the version number of Page Generator Pro.  This is by design; the version number is updated when a code change is made to the Addon.

Performance Addon: Load Plugins

This setting is available in Page Generator Pro 2.9.2, releasing Thursday November 12th 2020 23:59 UTC.

When the Use Performance Addon setting is enabled, a table will be displayed of Plugins installed on the WordPress installation that can optionally be enabled for loading/activating when generating content with the Performance Addon.

Typically, none of the Plugins listed will need to be enabled/activated.

However, if issues are encountered during Generation e.g. Page Builder data is incorrect, Custom Field data is not copied, SEO data is missing, Custom Taxonomy Terms are not assigned to the generated content, expected data is not overwritten, you’ll need to enable the applicable Plugins.