Generate: WP-CLI

If your web host has WP-CLI installed, you can run the following commands at the command line to generate Pages:


Runs the Test command, behaving as if you click the Test button for the given <group_id>.

page-generator-pro-test <group_id>


Runs the Generate command, behaving as if you click the Generate button for the given <group_id>.

page-generator-pro-generate <group_id> --method= --overwrite= --number_of_posts= --resume_index=

Parameter Description
<group_id> The ID(s) of the group(s) to generate content from:
123: Runs the Generate command on Group ID 123
123,456: Runs the Generate comand on Group IDs 123 and 456
--method= Optional; the method to use when generating content.  Overrides the Group’s specified Method.
--method=all: All
--method=sequential: Sequential
--method=random: Random
--overwrite= Optional; whether to overwrite existing generated content.  Overrides the Overwrite setting in the Group.
--overwrite=1: Overwrite existing generated content
--number_of_posts= Optional; the Number of Posts to generate.  Overrides the Group’s No. Posts setting.
--number_of_posts=10: Generates 10 Posts
--resume_index= Optional; the Resume Index to use.  Overrides the Group’s Resume Index setting.
--resume_index=10: Start generating from the 10th Post