1.5.7 (2018-01-18)

  • Fix: Generate: Use date_i18n() instead of date() to ensure that published Posts honor WordPress’ locale

1.5.6 (2018-01-10)

  • Added: Generate: Support for Avia Layout Builder (Enfold Theme)

1.5.5 (2017-12-14)

  • Added: Generate: WPBakery Visual Composer Backend Editor Support

1.5.4 (2017-11-22)

  • Fix: 404 errors on generated Pages when Page Parent was previous set and then removed

1.5.3 (2017-11-09)

1.5.2 (2017-10-02)

1.5.1 (2017-09-25)

  • Added: Improved UI
  • Added: Generate Nearby Cities / ZIP Codes: Ability to generate list of ZIP Codes, with formatting options (City, County, ZIP Code)
  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError: Illegal constructor in admin-min.js for clipboard.js functionality

1.5.0 (2017-08-10)

  • Fix: Generate: Wikipedia: Detect mb_convert_encoding() function before attempting to parse Wikipedia HTML
  • Fix: Google Maps: Use HTTPS and return more accurate latitude and longitude for Cities

1.4.9 (2017-07-10)

  • Added: Generate: Overwrite Existing Pages (generated by this Plugin)
  • Added: Generate: Featured Image: Alt Tag (for Image URLs and 500px)
  • Added: Generate: Custom Fields: Move option
  • Fix: Generate: Parent: Added description explaining how to determine the Parent Page ID
  • Fix: Keywords: Prevent slashes from displaying / added on double quotation marks

1.4.8 (2017-07-05)

  • Fix: Settings: Google: Click here links go to valid Documentation URL
  • Fix: Generate: Wikipedia: Improved content building method to avoid blank results from Wikipedia in some cases

1.4.7 (2017-06-22)

  • Added: Settings: Google: Google Maps API Disable JS Library option, for installations where another Plugin or Theme might load Google Map’s API library already

1.4.6 (2017-05-28)

  • Fix: Use utf8_encode on Title, Excerpt and Content if wp_insert_post() fails on generation / testing

1.4.5 (2017-05-26)

  • Added: Yelp API v3 Support (no need to define keys or tokens)

1.4.4 (2017-04-26)

  • Added: Generate: ACF Support
  • Added: All Group Post Metadata has keyword replacement and spintax operations performed on them before being copied to the generated Page/Post/CPT.
  • Fix: Improved Generate performance by not duplicating spintax process

1.4.3 (2017-04-20)

  • Fix: UTF-8 encoding on Wikipedia content to avoid corrupt character output

1.4.2 (2017-04-13)

  • Fix: Undefined property Page_Generator_Pro_PostType::$post_type
  • Fix: Muffin Builder: Replace keywords in SEO fields

1.4.1 (2017-03-16)

  • Added: Generate: Divi Page and Post Layouts are now available in Page Generator Pro when using Divi > Load from Library

1.4.0 (2017-02-27)

  • Fix: Only display Review Helper for Super Admin and Admin

1.3.9 (2017-02-20)

  • Added: Review Helper to check if the user needs help
  • Fix: Ensure first keyword within spintax at the very start of the content (or a Page Builder module) is replaced with a keyword
  • Updated: Dashboard and Licensing Submodules

1.3.8 (2017-02-14)

  • Added: Generate: Spintax all fields, including Page Builders
  • Added: Post Type: Use variable for Post Type Name for better abstraction
  • Fix: Generate: Don’t attempt to test for permitted meta boxes if none exist
  • Fix: Generate: Check Custom Fields are set before running checks on them
  • Fix: Use Plugin Name variable for better abstraction
  • Fix: Improved Installation and Upgrade routines

1.3.7 (2017-02-09)

  • Added: Generate: Support for Beaver Builder
  • Added: Generate: Support for Visual Composer
  • Added: Page Builders: Moved integration code and associated functions to frontend facing class for better compatibility
  • Fix: Yelp: Fallback to cURl with User-Agent string, if wp_remote_get() fails

1.3.6 (2017-01-30)

  • Fix: Changed branding from WP Cube to WP Zinc
  • Fix: Updated licensing endpoint to reflect brand change

1.3.5 (2017-01-23)

  • Fix: Generate: Parent Page is now an ID field, to prevent memory errors when trying to use wp_dropdown_pages() to list 3,000+ Pages
  • Fix: Generate: Improve performance when fetching Number of Generated Pages for a given group, to prevent memory errors

1.3.4 (2016-12-30)

  • Fix: Generate: Page = Draft when using Test mode
  • Fix: Generate: Copy Divi Post Meta to generated Page(s) to honor Divi settings

1.3.3 (2016-12-14)

  • Fix: Generate: Attributes > Parent displays the chosen / saved Parent Page
  • Fix: Generate: Spintax: More accurate process for returning correct inline CSS, JSON or general text in curly braces when running spitax routine, rather than stripping it entirely
  • Fix: Generate: Prevent “Do you want to leave this site” message when using Action buttons at the bottom of the screen

1.3.2 (2016-12-09)

  • Fix: Generate: Handle Google latitude/longitude lookup errors better, instead of returning a 500 server error
  • Fix: Generate: Spintax: Return inline CSS or general text in curly braces when running spintax routine, rather than stripping it entirely

1.3.1 (2016-12-05)

  • Added: Generate: Support for BeTheme
  • Added: Generate: Support for Muffin Page Builder
  • Added: Generate: Google Maps: Zoom Option
  • Fix: Generate > Nearby Cities: Country dropdown option preserved on form submit error
  • Fix: Generate: Improved search/replace method for Custom Fields

1.3.0 (2016-11-15)

  • Fix: When upgrading from < 1.2.1 to 1.2.3+, don’t try to create a Groups table – just migrate the single Group settings into the new Groups CPT.
  • Fix: Only set a Post Name (slug) if one is defined in the Group settings.

1.2.9 (2016-11-14)

  • Fix: Undefined variable $notices error on groups.php

1.2.8 (2016-11-03)

  • Added: Generate: Support for Avada Theme
  • Added: Generate: Support for Fusion Builder

1.2.7 (2016-10-24)

  • Added: Generate: Support for Divi 3.0+ Theme
  • Added: Generate: Support for Divi Builder Plugin

1.2.6 (2016-10-07)

  • Added: Generate: Option to stop Generation part way through the process.
  • Added: Generate: Generation will now stop if a server side error is encountered when generating a Page.

1.2.5 (2016-10-01)

  • Fix: Keywords: Generate Nearby Cities: Use cURL instead of wp_remote_get() so that the User-Agent header is set correctly (wp_remote_get() would be better, however it results in a 403 Error from the API)
  • Fix: Generate: Generating Pages with no Parent would result in Pages not truly Publishing until Updated.
  • Fix: CLI: Call to undefined method Page_Generator_Pro_Groups::get_by_id()

1.2.4 (2016-09-27)

  • Added: Generate: Hierarchical Taxonomies can have new Taxonomy Term(s) specified, instead of just choosing existing Taxonomy Term(s).
  • Fix: Generate: Google Maps, Wikipedia, Yelp, 500px and YouTube buttons reinstated to Groups content editor.
  • Fix: Generate: Don’t throw a 500 error when an undefined {keyword} is used in a Group.
  • Fix: Import/Export: Added support to import JSON configurations generated in 1.2.2 and older.

1.2.3 (2016-09-22)

  • Added: Generate: Support for SiteOrigin Page Builder
  • Added: Generate: Delete Generated Pages / Posts / CPTs (only for content generated since version 1.2.3)
  • Added: Generate: Custom Fields: Meta values use textarea to support multiline text, formatting and HTML / JS markup
  • Added: Generate: Duplicate Generation Set
  • Fix: Generate: Honor ‘Allow Comments’ setting
  • Fix: Generate: Honor ‘Allow trackbacks and pingbacks’ setting
  • Fix: Generate: Allow Author selection when ‘Rotate’ is not enabled

1.2.2 (2016-07-12)

  • Added: Enable database debugging output if WP_DEBUG enabled
  • Fix: Fatal error on installation for Page_Generator_Pro_Groups

1.2.1 (2016-07-06)

  • Added: Create, edit, run, delete, import and export multiple generation sets.
  • Added: Shortcode: Wikipedia: Support for multiple languages
  • Added: Shortcode: Google Maps API Key option (for users who exceed API limits, you can now specify your own Google Maps API key)
  • Added: Shortcode: YouTube API Key option (for users who exceed API limits, you can now specify your own Youtube Data API key)
  • Added: Generate: Show Page Parent option if Custom Post Type supports parent items
  • Added: Generate: Reset Button to deselect taxonomy term(s)
  • Added: Generate: Search field on taxonomies
  • Added: Generate: Save / Test / Generate options at top and bottom of screen
  • Added: Spintax support on custom / meta field values
  • Fix: Generate: Improved TinyMCE / Visual Editor shortcode options for Google Maps, Wikipedia, Yelp, 500px and YouTube

1.2.0 (2016-06-24)

  • Added: Shortcode: YouTube Video
  • Fix: Keyword search / replace on Page Generation is now case insensitive (e.g. {city} and {City} will both be replaced with a term)
  • Fix: Out of memory errors when using case variations of a keyword (e.g. {city} and {City})
  • Fix: Keyword replacements now fully work in Custom Fields and Taxonomy Terms

1.1.9 (2016-06-20)

  • Fix: Use same fallback method on map shortcode as Keywords > Generate Nearby Cities, to ensure lat/lng is always returned where possible

1.1.8 (2016-06-16)

  • Added: Keywords: Uppercase flag e.g. {keyword:uppercase_all}
  • Added: Keywords: Lowercase flag e.g. {keyword:lowercase_all}
  • Added: Keywords: Capitalise first letter flag e.g. {keyword:uppercase_first_character}
  • Added: Keywords: Capitalise first letter of each word flag e.g. {keyword:uppercase_first_character_words}
  • Added: Keywords: Capitalise first letter of each word flag e.g. {keyword:url}
  • Added: Featured Image: 500px option
  • Added: Shortcode: 500px Image
  • Fix: Generate Nearby Cities: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT will now automatically trigger using OpenStreetMap to fetch latitude/longitude as a fallback

1.1.7 (2016-06-09)

  • Added: Spintax support on Tags
  • Added: Featured Image option
  • Added: Generate Nearby Cities: Include original city in results option
  • Added: Generate Nearby Cities: Country is now a dropdown field to avoid ambiguity in guessing a country’s code
  • Fix: Generate Nearby Cities: Don’t allow a radius of greater than 100 miles to be specified, as the API will not support this
  • Fix: Generate Nearby Cities: More meaningful error messages are returned when something goes wrong
  • Fix: Increased size of keyword terms database field from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT, to support larger keyword imports (~ 16 million characters / 16MB )


  • Added: Keywords can be included in spins
  • Added: Option to choose specific publish / scheduled date
  • Added: Option to choose random publish date with min/max date parameters
  • Added: Contextual help to Generate screen
  • Fix: Only parse Page Generator Pro shortcodes. Provides compatibility with page builders and other plugins / themes that use shortcodes for content
  • Fix: Keep spinning content, even when the final spin has been reached and there are more pages to generate
  • Fix: Spins would fail if certain characters existed
  • Fix: Licensing mechanism works correctly with W3 Total Cache and memcache


  • Added: Page Generation Methods (All, Sequential and Random)
  • Fix: Replace spaces in slug with hyphens


  • Fix: Don’t display a division by zero error when keyword does not exist.
  • Fix: Changed Yelp oAuth class names to avoid conflicts with other plugins.


  • Added: Singleton Instances for better performance
  • Fix: Use do_shortcode() instead of apply_filters( ‘the_content’ ) so we only parse necessary shortcodes in the content


  • Fix: License check takes place outside of admin if required
  • Fix: Activation on new multisite activation

* Fix: Activation routines for installation
* Fix: Yelp button not displaying on Visual Editor

= 1.1.0 =
* Added: Plugin structure changes and code optimisation for better performance
* Added: Google Maps Shortcode: Zoom attribute
* Added: Wikipedia Shortcode: Number of sections attribute
* Added: Generate: Removed 999 Limit when generating Pages
* Added: Generate: Page Parent Option
* Added: Generate: Schedule Option

= 1.0.9 =
* Fix: Faster Page Generation routine
* Fix: Warnings when not rotating authors

= 1.0.8 =
* Fix: Fatal error when an error occurs during keyword saving.

= 1.0.7 =
* Added: Generate: Custom Fields (Meta Key/Value Pairs)
* Added: Generate: Progress Bar + Log with AJAX / JS support to prevent timeouts and support larger (~ 1000+) page generations
* Added: Minified JS and CSS
* Fix: Yelp OAuth errors

= 1.0.6 =
* Fix: Use $wpdb->prepare() in place of mysql_real_escape_string()
* Fix: Multisite Activation

= 1.0.5 =
* Added: Support for HTML elements in keyword data

= 1.0.4 =
* Added: Import + Export Settings, allowing users to copy settings to other plugin installations
* Added: Support Panel

= 1.0.3 =
* Fix: Transients for license key validation

= 1.0.2 =
* Fix: Force license key check method to beat aggressive server caching
* Added: Support menu with debug information

= 1.0.1 =
* Added translation support and .pot file

= 1.0 =
* First release.