Product Roadmaps are a guide only.  A feature request listed here does not guarantee inclusion, and the order listed does not indicate a priority of one feature over another.

If a previously listed feature request no longer exists, it will either:

  • Be in the next product release
  • Was added to a recent product release
  • Is no longer considered for inclusion

We do not provide ETAs on feature requests.


  • Keywords: Spreadsheets: Support for multiple worksheet selection
  • Images: Add action and filters for Featured Image and Shortcodes
  • Generate: Content: Investigate slower generation performance when Yoast SEO enabled
  • Content Groups: Support for Virtual Landing Pages
  • Content Groups: Spintax: Option to process block spintax/spintax on generated page view vs. at time of generation, mirroring functionality available for non-generated Pages
  • Related Links: Add comparison operators for Custom Fields and Taxonomies to perform e.g. LIKE / NOT LIKE queries
  • Content Groups: Comments: Option to reference Content Group’s Keyword Term to output relational data
  • Dynamic Elements: Divi: Add support for more advanced field types (Autocomplete, Multiple Selection)
  • Dynamic Elements: Gutenberg: Add support for more advanced field types (multiple selection etc)
  • Dynamic Elements: Images: Option to download library of images for a given search Term before Generation
  • Related Links: Simplify options and/or register additional Related Link Dynamic Elements for specific tasks e.g. outputting parent/child links
  • Keywords: Generate Locations: Cities: Worldwide: Inclusion of Census Data similar to USA where available (e.g. Population, Median Income)
  • Synonyms: Improve internal synonym engine / dictionary
  • Generate: Content: Option to automatically schedule generation on a repeat basis (e.g. once, weekly, monthly etc)