Product Roadmaps are a guide only.  A feature request listed here does not guarantee inclusion, and the order listed does not indicate a priority of one feature over another.

If a previously listed feature request no longer exists, it will either:

  • Be in the next product release
  • Was added to a recent product release
  • Is no longer considered for inclusion

We do not provide ETAs on feature requests.


  • CSS Prefix: Apply to HTML where shortcode it outside of the_content() e.g. in Page Builders
  • OpenStreetMap: Honor CSS Prefix change in CSS ID
  • Show/Hide Heading depending on whether Keyword or Shortcode returns content
  • Synonyms: Improve internal synonym engine / dictionary
  • Generate: Locations: Return Locations in Country’s Native Language
  • Synonyms: Capitalise first words of each sentence when applied
  • Generate: Content: Option to automatically schedule generation on a repeat basis (e.g. once, weekly, monthly etc)
  • Phone Area Codes: Throw error if unable to download for insertion into database table
  • Generate: Option to selectively choose elements of Content Group to regenerate
  • Keywords: Option to link to / import a SQL table
  • Related Links: Option to order by Keyword Key / Values (e.g. distance, population, any Keyword Column)
  • Documentation: Videos: Update videos for functionality
  • Keywords: Add / Edit: Display as Table with Column Names
  • Gutenberg: Add Shortcodes as Blocks (Maps, Unsplash, Media Library Image etc)
  • Polylang and WPML: Improved Compatibility and Documentation
  • Translations: Integration with machine translation service e.g.