Product Roadmaps are a guide.  A request listed here does not guarantee inclusion, and the order listed does not indicate a priority of one feature over another.

  • Add get_instance() function to classes for backward compat.
  • Generate: Option to automatically re-generate on a schedule
  • Generate: Option to use WP-Cron to Generate in the background in smaller batches
  • Generate: Option to generate content from multiple Groups
  • Page Builders: Automatically update settings for supported Page Builders, so they are available in Page Generator Pro
  • Collect Meta Boxes for each Post Type for possible output on Content Groups
  • Gutenberg: Add Shortcodes as Blocks (Maps, Unsplash, Media Library Image etc)
  • Polylang and WPML: Improved Compatibility and Documentation
  • Translations: Integration with machine translation service e.g.