Generate: Dynamic Elements: OpenStreetMap

The OpenStreetMap shortcode inserts an OpenStreetMap Map, Satellite Map, depending on the shortcode’s parameters.

Adding: Classic Editor / TinyMCE

To add an OpenStreetMap within the Classic Editor:

  • Click the OpenStreetMap icon in the Visual Editor toolbar (camera and music note symbol):
    Page Generator Pro: Shortcodes: Open Street Map: Icon

Adding: Gutenberg

To add an OpenStreetMap within Gutenberg:

  • Click the plus icon between two existing blocks, or towards the top left corner of the Gutenberg editor
    Page Generator Pro: Generate: Dynamic Elements: Gutenberg: Add Block
  • Start typing Open Street Map into the Search for a block field, and click the Open Street Map option that appears within the Page Generator Pro section
    Page Generator Pro: Generate: Dynamic Elements: Open Street Map: Search Blocks
  • Follow the Configuration section below for each of the fields displayed in the right hand sidebar’s block panel:
    Page Generator Pro: Generate: Dynamic Elements: Open Street Map: Sidebar

Adding: Page Builders

To add an OpenStreetMap within any Page Builder that supports a Text Editor widget/module using the Classic Editor (sometimes known as TinyMCE), refer to the Classic Editor instructions above.

Refer to the Dynamic Elements Documentation for details specific to your Page Builder.

If your Page Builder does not provide a Text Editor widget/block that uses the Classic Editor, you can still use Dynamic Elements.  However, you’ll need to manually build the shortcode, inserting it into your Page Builder’s content – for example:

[page-generator-pro-open-street-map parameter="value" ...]

Parameter Accepted Value Description
location string or keyword The location to display the marker on the map
country string or keyword The country that the above location is in
height integer The height of the map, in pixels.  Width is always 100%
zoom 0 to 21 The zoom level of the map.  A higher number means more detail


Page Generator Pro: Generate: Shortcodes: Open Street Map: TinyMCE Modal

  • Location: Enter the ZIP Code, City, County or State/Region (or keyword, if you have one that has keyword data comprising of this location data).
  • Country Code: Select the Country the above Location is in.
  • Height (px): The height of the Map, in pixels.
  • Zoom Level: Choose a zoom level for the Map.  A higher number means the map will be more zoomed in.