Page Generator Pro is a mass page builder Plugin.  It is designed to mass generate content from one or more content templates that you define.



Keywords can be seen as template tags, with each Keyword comprising of one or more Terms.

For example, if you are building a web site advertising a business’ plumbing services, you might have a keyword called service, describing the services that the plumbing business offers. Its terms could be:

  • bathroom installations
  • fixing leaks
  • central heating installation

There’s no limit to the number of terms a Keyword can have.

Content Groups

Content Groups can be seen as content templates, from which your Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types are generated.

Within your Content Groups, you can specify your Keywords.  For example, the Title might be {service}.

Content Groups closely follow the editorial experience of your WordPress Pages and Posts, with each Content Group containing a Title, Content, Excerpt and other relevant fields.

There’s no limit to the number of Keywords that a Content Group can have.


Generate, or generation, is the process where Page Generator Pro takes a given Content Group, and generates all unique variations as WordPress Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types (depending on the settings specified in the Content Group).

In our service example, this would produce three Pages, titled:

  • Bathroom Installations
  • Fixing Leaks
  • Central Heating Installation

Quick Start Video

This video is designed as a quick start guide to:

  1. Adding Keywords
  2. Generate Keywords with Nearby Cities
  3. Generate Keywords with Nearby ZIP Codes
  4. Generate Keywords with Phone Area Codes
  5. Configuring Content Generation
  6. Testing Content Generation
  7. Generating Content
  8. Using Shortcodes
  9. Using Spintax
  10. SEO Integration

This is not a substitution for the in depth Documentation and Videos throughout the rest of this Documentation.  Please refer to the rest of the Documentation for a breakdown of the functionality for each section of the Plugin, and additional, useful functionality that might not be covered in the Quick Start Video above.

Tutorial Video

For a more in-depth step by step tutorial of how you might use Page Generator Pro for mass page building on a local business web site, refer to the Building Service and Location Pages Tutorial Documentation.

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