Keywords: Import CSV

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If you already have a CSV file, comprising of multiple Keywords and their Terms, Page Generator Pro provides an Import CSV function.

This allows you to mass import multiple keywords and terms from a single CSV file, without needing to manually add them individually through the Keywords form.

To access your Keywords, click on the Page Generator Pro menu entry in the WordPress Administration interface, and then click on Keywords.
Page Generator Pro: Keywords Menu

Looking to import terms into a single keyword, and use a delimiter and column names instead?  Refer to the Keywords Documentation.

Importing Multiple Keywords

To import multiple Keywords to Page Generator Pro:

  1. Click the Import CSV button below the Page Generator Pro: Keywords title, which can be found towards the top of the screen:
    Page Generator Pro: Import CSV
  2. The Import CSV form will then be displayed, where you can define the following options:
    Page Generator Pro: Keywords: Import CSV Form

    1. CSV File: Choose the CSV file on your computer to upload.
    2. Keywords: Depending on your CSV file’s structure, choose either:
      • Each keyword is in a column on the first row of the CSV file: Use this option if your data is structured similar to below:
        city county
        Birmingham West Midlands
        Harborne West Midlands
        Manchester North West
      • Each keyword is in a row on the first column of the CSV file: Use this option if your data is structured similar to below:
        city Birmingham Harborne Manchester
        county West Midlands West Midlands North West
Newlines within a cell are not permitted, and will cause importing to fail.

When you’re finished, click the Import button.

A notification will be displayed confirming the number of Keywords that were imported successfully.

If you try to import a keyword that already exists, you’ll receive a warning telling you that the keyword has already been specified. None of the CSV file’s contents will be imported.