Settings: GeoNames

Don’t see the Geonames Settings? It’s been replaced by the Generate Locations functionality in Page Generator Pro 1.8.3 and higher.

Sometimes, you might reach an API limit when using the following functionality:

  • Generate Nearby Cities / ZIP Codes (when Output Type includes ZIP Codes)

To resolve this, you’ll need to define some one-time GeoNames settings.

  • Visit
  • Complete the form to create a new user account:
    • Username
    • Email
    • Confirm Email
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
  • Check your email address for an activation link, and click it
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 1
  • Visit
  • Click the Click here to enable link towards the bottom of the screen
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 2
  • On screen confirmation will be displayed to confirm the username you have can now perform ZIP code lookups
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 3
It is not enough to simply create an account at GeoNames.  You must verify your email address, and then follow the below Plugin configuration steps.

Finally, we need to enter your GeoNames username into Page Generator Pro:

  • In your WordPress Administration interface, navigate to Page Generator Pro > Settings
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 4
  • Click the GeoNames tab, and enter the username into the Username field:
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 5
  • Click Save