GeoNames Settings

Sometimes, you might reach an API limit when using the following functionality:

  • Generate Nearby Cities / ZIP Codes (when Output Type includes ZIP Codes)

To resolve this, you’ll need to define some one-time GeoNames settings.

  • Visit
  • Complete the form to create a new user account:
    • Username
    • Email
    • Confirm Email
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
  • Check your email address for an activation link, and click it
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 1
  • Visit
  • Click the Click here to enable link towards the bottom of the screen
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 2
  • On screen confirmation will be displayed to confirm the username you have can now perform ZIP code lookups
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 3

Finally, we need to enter your GeoNames username into Page Generator Pro:

  • In your WordPress Administration interface, navigate to Page Generator Pro > Settings
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 4
  • Click the GeoNames tab, and enter the username into the Username field:
    Page Generator Pro: Geonames: 5
  • Click Save